Here are some dreams I managed to remember and write down their plot, expect some non-sense ahead


I was in my room and I saw two dogs run into it, the first one was the one that we already have, but the second was apparently adopted and it looked really similar to the one we have. It felt kinda sad, as I somehow knew the second dog was meant to replace the old one.


There was some kind of a festival going on in my city, and there was this shop where a guy sold tails for furries from specific regions (the name of the region was sewed on the tail, and every one of them had different color).
Some time later I found my phone was drawed on (the way you can do it with your palms) it said that this phone was hacked and I needed to type in some type of code in the app that was installed (after some time I decided to just throw it away)


I was going back home to my hometown, but as I sat down, the train started going in the opposite direction of what it supposed to be. I got out at the next station and started running back, by the time I got back to the original station, it was already dark - I managed to find the last train home.
I was coming back home to my home town, I was going by the road next to the bridge, but at the other side of the bridge there was a bike road, but somehow to go under it I needed to squeeze in, and my bike was stuck in the middle of the pass. There was also going to be a referendum of whether "en passating" (that's how top surgery was called in my dream lmao) should be legal.